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State of Michigan considers ending most cannabis drug testing

Michigan officials are proposing to end pre-employment drug testing for marijuana for most government job applicants, while also giving people who’ve already been penalized over positive THC tests an opportunity to have the sanction retroactively rescinded.

Get to know Lansing’s Ganja Girl

Lansing native Morgan Underwood founded Ganja Girl LLC, which offers workshops, resources, information and events to support cannabis users, especially people who have been disproportionately affected by the war on drugs.

Michigan Morel Season is here!!

May is morel month in Michigan, and if you’ve never tried your hand at morel hunting, you may be surprised at what a perfectly cannabis-friendly pursuit morel mushroom hunting can be!


Ben & Jerry’s calls for cannabis clemency

Ben & Jerry’s is calling out state governors for half-baked marijuana legalization, and they’re asking Governor Whitmer to finish the job in Michigan where cannabis use is legalized, but many are still serving time or have long-standing records for cannabis-related convictions.