FOUR Cannabis Cafes coming to Lansing!

Smoking on Heavyweight Heads by Edgewood Wellness

Smoking on Heavyweight Heads by Edgewood WellnessFox-47 News shares that Lansing will be welcoming not one, not two, not three but FOUR cannabis consumption lounges:

“When the city of Lansing said they were going to allow it, we were very excited to have the opportunity to apply and very fortunate to be at the front end of the development of the consumption lounge,” said Jeffrey Hank. He is a co-owner of Edgewood Wellness, which has been a cannabis retail and is now adding a lounge with an event space, a coffee shop, as well as private rooms for work or small gatherings. “We really look forward to the opportunity to bring this to the south side of Lansing,” Hank said.

The city approved four businesses, one in each of the city’s four wards, to have cannabis lounges. Rehbel Industries got approved for Ward 1, Edgewood Wellness for Ward 2, Common Citizen for Ward 3, and Downtown Capitol for Ward 4.

“A consumption lounge concept is pretty new in the United States,” Hank said. “It’s inspired by the Amsterdam style coffee shop, and we hope to bring it here. It’ll be one of the first places in Michigan that have not only a cannabis store, but a coffee shop type area where people can get a good beverage, but also sit and relax and hang out with friends or do some work for the day and sit in a little different environment.”

Hank said he envisions some of the space as a possibility for company meetings, birthday parties, special events, small concerts, or karaoke nights. They will also showcase artists and have an art gallery.

Read on for more at Fox 47 & stay tuned to the MCT for the latest on Michigan cannabis cafes!!

photo courtesy Edgewood Wellness on Instagram