Let Ann Arbor’s Treetown Cannabis take you to Flavortown

Treetown Edibles Happily Baked in Michigan

CBS Detroit notes that there are a lot of places to buy cannabis around the state, Michigan-based edible companies like Treetown Cannabis are still relatively rare:

“I grew up in Ann Arbor,” said Ella Carvalho, the lead baker, and formulator for Ann Arbor-based TreeTown Cannabis. “I have a culinary background. I come from large bakery operations. And I actually had this opportunity kind of appear to me.”

The opportunity to trade in flour, for flowers, as the lead baker for TreeTown Cannabis in Ann Arbor.

“TreeTown is an edible brand. And it is a local edible brand in Michigan that makes us very rare,” Carvalho said. “A lot of companies that are still around and thriving are typically bigger companies from out of state. And TreeTown is local here to Ann Arbor. And we’ve been around for the past five years.”

“I really enjoy telling people, like, ‘Oh, that’s our edible.’ We made it with our hands. We develop that. We took so much time on it. Now that I think about it, it’s extra cool. Ann Arbor has such a long history with cannabis–from hash bash all the way from the 70s. We’ve been such advocates for it that I’m extremely proud. I think it’s really cool.”

More at CBS Detroit & check out the wide range of Treetown’s offerings on their website.