You should get your Michigan Medical Cannabis card

Michigan Medical Cannabis Card

Michigan Medical Cannabis CardI have had a medical cannabis card for seven years, and medical marijuana has rendered my prostate cancer undetectable with no other treatment.

My Michigan medical cannabis card expires tomorrow, and while it can feel these days that a medical cannabis card is little more than a 20% off discount, there remain concrete reasons for me to renew. Law enforcements and prosecuting attorneys are ramping up efforts to perform roadside swab testing on drivers that they believe have THC in their system, and the only defense is having a medical marijuana card. Medical card holders can legally purchase & possess more cannabis, use their cards reciprocally in many medical only states, and you don’t have to pay the 10% tax on medical cannabis.

With my reasoning firmly in hand, the next step was to find a doctor to renew the card with. There are a lot of services out there, but thankfully Michigan Weedsters are a Michigan Cannabis Trail partner. They have joined with Essential Telehealth to offer renewals or new medical marijuana cards for just $90! In addition to the benefits above, if you purchase your card through Michigan Weedsters & Essential Telehealth (select “Michigan Weedsters” from the “how did you hear about us?” dropdown), you also receive discounts to several Michigan cannabis events, a one day membership to the Genessee County Compassion Club and a one YEAR membership to Vehicle City Social, two amazing cannabis clubs in Flint!

Essential Telehealth’s Dr. Anthony Schultz explains, “Anybody in the state of Michigan can buy cannabis, but the one thing you can’t buy is the legal protection the medical card offers. I probably deal with 2 or 3 cases a week where an employer or judge needs documentation for a patient’s medical marijuana card. With the card, you’re buying protection for your medical use of marijuana.”

The process was super smooth. After filling out a simple form with my medical information, I spent a few minutes in the waiting room followed by a quick video call with the doctor where we went over my conditions & medications. The temporary registration email I received from them can be used as a medical card until mine arrives, and for just $45 a year, I can rest a lot easier as a medical cannabis user!!

If you’d like to start the process, head over to Essential Teleheath.