Qulture Tea Parties

Check out Anqunette Sarfoh's Qulture Tea Parties

The Detroit Metro Times has a nice feature on Anqunette Sarfoh — popularly known around here as Q. She's started a series of "tea parties" to help people understand cannabinoids and medical marijuana better.
Marijuana Bud in Wine Glass

What Michigan's cannabis industry can learn from the wine industry

Over at cannabis.net, Dana Smith takes a look at similarities between the wine & cannabis industries & what that could mean for the development of marijuana businesses.
Kaneh Infused Truffle Bar

Kaneh Edibles bringing infused treats to Michigan

The Detroit Metro Times has a nice feature on Rachel King's Kaneh Co. Cannabis Edibles.
Noble Road Cannabis Cookies

Dig into edibles with the latest Four20Post

The latest Four20Post interviews Rachel King, co-founder of Kaneh cannabis and Travis Wilson, the owner operator of Noble Road.
Marjorie Harvey of DMirage

Five Things You Need to Know about D'Mirage Cannabis Social Club

D'Mirage is an exclusive, members based cannabis club and consumption lounge that was created to provide a discreet and euphoric ambiance for business professionals and mature adults to network and socialize.
Cannabis Beverage

Cannabis beverages coming to Michigan

On January 4, the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency issued their first technical bulletin of the new year, titled “Process to Obtain Agency Approval for Production of Marijuana-Infused Beverages”.
Cannabis in the Sun by David Baker Esq.

Could Cannabis Appellations Work for Michigan?

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Marijuana Business Daily explored a concept that could work for the marketing of Michigan's cannabis industry, building brand identification using cannabis appellations.
A Touch of Magic from Michigan Cannabis Chefs

Dig in to Cannabis Dinner Pairings

Benzinga Cannabis has a solid feature exploring how cannabis dinner pairings can help you cut down on heavy drinking while sacrificing none of the experience of a well paired meal.
Pumpkin Pie CBD Pudding Shots by the Herbsomm

Infuse your Thanksgiving Feast!

Here's a roundup of some tasty recipes to add THC or CDB to your Thanksgiving feast!
Smoking by Chuck Grimmett

A Look at Michigan's Marijuana Consumption Lounges

CannaCon recently took an in-depth look at the Michigan marijuana license for Designated Consumption Establishments (DCE).