2021 Michigan Marijuana Halloween Guide

2021 Michigan Cannabis Trail Halloween Guide

We're putting together a list of Halloween themed cannabis events & promotions for Michigan, but we know there's a ton more out there & need your help!
Superette Cannabis Shop

Canada's Superette Shop delivers innovative shopping experience

Bold graphics and a checkerboard floor feature in a Superette marijuana shop in Toronto, which was created by the brand's in-house team in collaboration with Canadian designer Emily Robinson.
The Stone Age New York City

NYC cannabis attraction taking people to The Stone Age

Time out has a feature on an immersive cannabis experience that has just opened in New York City.
Dank Girls

DankGirls creating community around cannabis

The Dank Girls are all about women empowerment & uplifting each other through yearly retreats, events & monthly outings for members to get together and create new friendships through good weed, conversation & always good vibes.
Muskegon Cannabis Pre-Roll Trail

Muskegon Cannabis Pre-Roll Trail

mLive reports on the new Pre-Roll Trail featuring six Muskegon marijuana shops.
2021 Niles Cannabis Festival

Snapshots from the first-ever Niles Cannabis Festival!

On Saturday we attended the first-ever Niles Cannabis Festival which featured 7 dispensaries & legal consumption. Here's some pics from attendees!
Mary Jane Ann Arbor Ypsi Cannabus Tours

Mary Jane Tours explore Ann Arbor/Ypsi cannabis scene

The 420 Post has an interview with long time cannabis activist Anthony Freed who shares details about his Mary Jane Tours exploring the history of cannabis prohibition and the future of the cannabis industry in the Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti.
Cottonwood Summer Big Tree Hunt

Join the Michigan Big Tree Hunt

ReLeaf Michigan created the Michigan Big Tree Hunt in 1993 to celebrate our state’s beauty and create a fun way to gather information about Michigan’s biggest trees.
Quincy of 906Fire

Photo Friday: Quincy of 906Fire

The Fire Station Cannabis Company shared a fun photo on their Instagram of Quincy who creates a top-notch, stress-free shopping experience for each and every TFS customer.
Niles Munchie Trail

Check out the Niles Munchie Trail

Green Stem Provisioning of Niles has an innovative promotion that's helping to support local restaurants.