MJ Unpacked Detroit

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The MCT is at MJ Unpacked Detroit and will be sharing a bunch of updates & observations here and on our Instagram @micannabistrail.

Get Ready for CannaCon Detroit 2023!

CannaCon is targeted to those who would like network with like-minded entrepreneurs building the cannabis industry.
Rick Thompson Smoking Weed cause that's what Rick Thompson enjoyed

Remembering Michigan Cannabis Champion Rick Thompson

With the passing of Rick Thompson Monday morning, Michigan lost a champion for legal & medical cannabis.
Cannabis is Welcome in Pure Michigan

Will Indiana remain a big driver of Michigan cannabis?

The Michigan Cannabis Trail's Andrew McFarlane talked with wrtv.com's Vic Ryckaert about Indiana's continued resistance to legal cannabis and how that impacts Michigan.
Vanishing Medical Cannabis Green Cross

Will Michigan’s Medical Cannabis Market Disappear?

The Green Market Report shares an excellent in-depth exploration of Michigan’s vanishing medical marijuana industry.
Cannabis Bullseye by David Gabrić

Legal arguments around gun ownership for cannabis users heat up

The Justice Department believes a lower court’s ruling in a marijuana and gun rights case was “incorrectly decided”.
Vape Trash

42 Degrees taking on vape waste

Michigan has the second biggest cannabis market in the entire country, but the growth has brought waste and negative environmental impacts that a Michigan business is trying to solve.
JARS Wyld Beach Cleanup Saugatuck

JARS Cannabis & Wyld giving back to Michigan

JARS Cannabis and Wyld, two Michigan companies with a strong commitment to sustainability and the preservation of the natural beauty of the Great Lakes State,  are teaming up to give back in more ways than one this summer.

Just Add Stardom: Snoop Dogg’s Death Row Cannabis & the Impact of Celebrity Cannabis Brands

A look at how celebrity brands perform in the market and upcoming appearances by Wiz Kalifa and (maybe) Snoop Dogg!