Dig in to Cannabis Dinner Pairings

A Touch of Magic from Michigan Cannabis Chefs

Benzinga Cannabis has a solid feature exploring how cannabis dinner pairings can help you cut down on heavy drinking while sacrificing none of the experience of a well paired meal:

Much like wine and dinner pairings, the cannabis industry has matured to introduce product and dinner pairings of the same nature. The unique tastes, aromas, and experiences offered by the world of new varieties of cannabis products are used to complement food textures, tastes, and aromas.

…Khara Pechtes of cannabis and cuisine event host, Food Flower Future (foodflowerfuture.com) asserted. “Drinking is easy, cannabis takes more intention, and in a way seems more meaningful when you are paying attention to how it affects you, and whether you need more, or if you find your ‘just right’ fit.”

With its extensive medicinal properties, consumption of cannabis can deliver benefits that alcohol can’t. Chemical compounds in the plant can help with sleep, anxiety, stress, as well as emotional exploration. Alternatively, alcohol is widely proven to cause potential, even terminal, health conditions.

“Cannabis, when used correctly, is the way to ease into the day or night with sophistication, awareness, and skill,” Pechtes continued. As such, alcohol is never present at Food Flower Future’s in-person, sit-down dinners.

“The traditional make your own brownie or cookie edibles are no longer the ‘go-to’ experience,” Pechtes said. “We’re now seeing delicious gummies made with real fruit juice and even certified vegan products on the market with exact, low dosing that is safe, clear, and sophisticated.”

You can read on at Benzinga for more about the virtual cannabis pairing experience they participated in and some amazing menu options including Elote Style Corn with Zesty Cilantro Lime Butter & Plantain Dumpling and Lobster Stew Over Rice!

Michigan has a number of cannabis chefs offering cannabis meals including Michigan Cannabis Chefs who provided the photos for this post. Check them all out on our Michigan Culinary Cannabis page!