Five Things You Need to Know about Michigan Cannabis

Five Things You Need to Know About D’Mirage Cannabis Social Club

In the latest Five Things You Need to Know about Michigan Cannabis we talk with Marjorie Harvey, CEO of the D’Mirage Social Club in Detroit.


Tell us the basic information about your business.

Marjorie Harvey – Chief Executive Officer of D’Mirage LLC

D’Mirage is an exclusive, members based cannabis club and consumption lounge that was created to provide a discreet and euphoric ambiance for business professionals and mature adults to network and socialize.

On Saturday, January 30th the are offering the Table 420 Infused Dinner Party, a four-course, fully infused dinner party!


Why did you get into the cannabis business?

“I have always been a cannabis fan. I was born & raised in Detroit and I never thought that I would be able to open a cannabis business here. After waiting on the laws to trickle down to the city level and allow us to open a Designated Consumption here in Detroit I acted. Sitting at home during COVID also helped me put fire under my belt. I had plenty of time to complete the process that I had started over a year ago.

I wanted to create a safe space for mature adults and business professionals to enjoy their cannabis in a lounge like environment while having access to everything they may need (cure for the munchies, forget to buy blunts or a lighter) in one spot. It is basically a place I would want to go to and enjoy my cannabis and relax or network .”

Marjorie Harvey of DMirage


What makes your business unique or sets it apart?

“Our lounge will be a one stop shop for all cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy smoking, vaping or consuming cannabis. Come in enjoy your cannabis, your way, in a clean, safe and relaxing environment that offers palate pleasing food and everything you need to get high minus the cannabis. ? There is not a Consumption Lounge in our area that will be like us.

We are an exclusive upscale lounge for the mature adults (25 and over). Consumers/visitors can purchase a day pass to enjoy the lounge, give them access to purchase from our accessory concession stand (lighters, wraps, blunts, trays, bongs, etc.) and more perks.

Our club members receive free cannabis samples (edibles, flower, wax) every month and discounts on our events. Some packages include free tickets to events, VIP room access, discounted meals from our in-house food vendor, and more!”


Tell us about your favorite cannabis product and/or best seller.

Our members enjoy receiving free, infused samples – definitely a favorite. Right now, the Silver Membership is the most popular and of course I’m really excited about our upcoming Table 420 Infused Dinner Party.


What are your favorite elevated activities in your area?

Yoga, Dining, Dancing, Poetry. Before COVID, I was going to Puff Puff Poetry, and I hope that will return soon!

D'Mirage Cannabis Cake