Ann Arbor’s Winewood Organics Dispensary goes seed to sale

Winewood Organics Ann Arbor Dispensary

Winewood Organics Ann Arbor DispensaryThe Michigan Marijuana Report shares details on Winewood Organics, one of Ann Arbor’s newest recreational cannabis dispensaries:

Winewood Organics describes itself as “farm-to-table” – but for marijuana.

The facility, which handles the process of selling marijuana from growing to processing to sales, is just one of six Michigan marijuana microbusinesses and the only one in Washtenaw County. Unlike a dispensary or separate grow facility, a microbusiness handles all aspects between growing and selling.

“We can only do what we produce here,” said Eric Parkhurst, Winewood Organics owner and grower.

Winewood Organics Grow Room

Winewood Organics Grow Room

Parkhurst became interested in the cannabis industry after his partner tried medical marijuana. He has worked as a caregiver, growing marijuana for medical use, for eight years and moved into the current facility around five years ago.

After being approved for a microbusiness license, Parkhurst has grown and sold marijuana for recreational use since the end of August.

Winewood Organics has three growing rooms, each with plants in a different stage of growth. There are roughly 100 plants in the facility overall, with 13 strains of flower sold and 17 strains sold overall. It also has two processing labs, a trim room and a retail space.

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photos courtesy @winewoodorganics on Instagram