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If you would like to have your recreational cannabis dispensary or culinary cannabis business listed for free on the Michigan Cannabis Trail & our maps, please fill out the form which includes the ability to sign up for advertising on

We also encourage you to submit information for our forthcoming 5 Things You Need to Know about Michigan Cannabis showcasing on Michigan’s recreational dispensaries.

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Highlighted listing with description, highlighted listing, image ad in rotation on your region’s map page, image ad in general rotation on all pages on the website.
$500/year or $200/quarter

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$4000/year or $1500/quarter

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  • Five Things You Need to Know

    Answer these questions if you'd like us to run a "Five Things You Need to Know" feature on your business for our website & social media channels. Please answer these questions in full!
  • This could be outdoor fun, great restaurants, or anything you'd like to recommend to readers