Detroit edible company is bringing the funk

Funky Extracts Full Spectrum Cannabis Gummies

Funky Extracts Full Spectrum Cannabis GummiesThe Metro Times has a feature on Detroit native Jujuan “Funk” Coleman’s new cannabis edible company Funky Extracts:

Coleman launched his new line of infused gummies earlier this month. Made with a partnership with Farmington Hills-based Pincanna at their facility in Pinconning, the products are available only for medical marijuana customers for now. Coleman says he hopes to enter the state’s relatively new recreational marijuana industry soon.

Coleman started as a caregiver in Michigan’s medical marijuana industry about a decade ago. When he first started making edibles, Coleman took the more traditional route of baking weed-infused cookies, cake pops, and cereal bars. He started experimenting with making gummies due to customer demand but also a new emergency rule in Michigan in 2018 that banned most marijauna-infused products that were not “shelf-stable,” or required refrigeration.

Coleman says gummies are popular because they’re easy to dose. “They come in small, bite-sized pieces, and there are 10 milligram doses, so it’s a lot easier to dose yourself throughout the day,” he says. “I just think it’s a product that appeals to everyone, from those 21 to senior citizens.”

That funky smell aside, Coleman says his gummies also have a focus on flavors, while products in the medical marijuana industry typically don’t. His initial offerings include fruit punch, orange, green apple strawberry, and grape. More flavors are coming, “but I want to save the best for last,” he says.

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