Megatron catches cannabis wave: Primitiv’s Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson & Rob Sims of Primitiv

Calvin Johnson & Rob Sims of PrimitivABC News sat down with Calvin Johnson of Michigan cannabis company Primitiv to talk about his plans for the cannabis industry as well as some Detroit Lions topics (video below):

The relatively young man, known as Megatron when he was a Detroit Lions receiver, plans to make the most of a post-playing career. He aims to change the conversation about cannabis and help improve the lives of people whether or not they want to partake.

Johnson and former Lions teammate Rob Sims founded Michigan-based Primitiv, a cannabis research company, and created a collaboration with Harvard University to research how marijuana can help people with CTE and chronic pain.

“What he’s trying to do here is really, really powerful – in being able to create collaborations that can help find a solution to players who are transitioning out of the NFL,” Harvard Medical School professor Wilfred Ngwa said.

…“He’s not a diva, as they say, as some receivers tend to be,” said Derrick Moore, who will introduce Johnson during his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction.

His humility is still on display for all those who cross his path, but he is much more passionate when he talks about his post-playing career than he was about anything related to football.

Johnson warmly welcomed visitors at Primitiv’s 12,000-suare foot cultivation facility, holding doors open, handing out scrubs and collected laundry. And, he didn’t just do that for the cameras.

“Arguably the greatest receiver in the history of the game is in here mopping floors,” Sims said.

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photo courtesy @primitiv_group on Instagram