2019 Cannabis Industrial Marketplace Michigan Summit & Expo

February 26 & 27, 2019

The 2019 Michigan Cannabis Expo will feature dozens of seminars lead by industry experts covering licensing, production, banking, hiring, and more. Over 80,000 square feet of the top Cannabis Industry Suppliers.

Get a list of seminars below and click to visit the 2019 Cannabis Industrial Marketplace Michigan Summit & Expo website for registration & more information.

February 26 Schedule

Seminar Room #1 – Regulation, Legislative, and Business Services

10:00 AM: Keeping up with Changing Medical Marijuana Regulations
Daniel Williams, Joint Owner – Fowler and Williams PLC

11:00 AM: Branding 101: Stand out. Sell more.
Jennifer Whetzel – Ladyjane Branding

1:00 PM: Legal Entity and Facility Design Options to Minimize Taxation
Harley Sherman, President – Etz Chaim

2:00 PM: Surviving and Thriving Through the Maze of Tilted Taxation
Bryan McDonald, Client Development Partner – CPAMD

3:00 PM: Cannabis Business Planning; From Licensing to Long Term Strategic Goals
David Rozanski, Chief Executive Officer – Rozbud Consulting

4:00 PM: Regulatory Compliance & Safety Planning
Sandra Sheils, Safety Specialist – The Safety Equation

Seminar Room #2 – Growing & Processing

10:00 AM: Surviving Corporate Cannabis: Cultivation Business Management
Jenny-Beth Dills, Sr. National Sales Manager – United Cannabis

11:00 AM: Panel – Extract Purification: Maximizing the Value of Cannabis Product
Jeff Pack, Head of Business Development – MRX Xtractors
Michael Moussourakis, Technical Marketing – Alconox, Inc.

1:00 PM: Selecting Synchronous Technology to Optimize the Cannabis Environment and Operations
Ash Ganley, Chief Technology Officer – NOBO

2:00 PM: Grow Low, Yield High: Introduction to the Fundamentals of LED Lighting and Innovative Grow Strategies
Jay Marshall, Strategic Partnership Team – Thrive Agritech

3:00 PM: Optimizing Commercial Growing Operations for Productivity & Cost Savings with Organic Nutrients
Mark Richardson, CSO/CEO – Planet Earth Creations

4:00 PM: The Spectrum of Extraction Methods Explained
Jake Didion, Sales Engineer – Apeks Supercritical

Seminar Room #3 – Medical Cannabis Technology and Edibles

10:00 AM: Cannabis Food Safety Audits
Lauren Maloney, Food Safety Program Accreditation Manager – Perry Johnson Registrars Food Safety, Inc.

11:00 AM: Expert Panel – The Future of Medical Cannabis in Michigan Following Legalization
Joshua Alper, Managing Director & CEO – Cann10 & Blue Diamond Ventures
Keith Lambert – OM of Medicine
Dr. Evan Litinas – OM of Medicine
Berton Brown, Owner – Brown Consulting Group
Ben Horner – Michigan Medical Marijuana Journal

1:00 PM: Pharmacognosy Practices in Creation of Edible Cannabis Medicine
Steven Baugh

2:00 PM: The Plant, The Science, The Patient. Identifying New Opportunities & Eliminating Old Misconceptions
Dr. Karyemaitre Aliffe, Medical Advisor – ReAnima Advanced Biosciences

February 27 Schedule

Seminar Room #1 – Market Expansion and Business Growth Seminars

10:00 AM: Cannabis Business Development through Municipal Initiatives
Matthew Abel, Attorney at Law – Cannabis Counsel

11:00 AM: Michigan Medical Marijuana Micro Licensing
Scott Roberts, Owner and Managing Attorney – Scott F. Roberts Law, PLC

2:00 PM: Get the Weeds out of Your Contracts
John Mackewich, Legal Counsel – Dinsmore

1:00 PM: Brand Development and Compliant Packaging Design
John Hartsell – Dizpot
Jeff Scrabeck – Dizpot

2:00 PM: Elevating Your Business with Integrated Supply Chain Management
Colton Griffin, Chief Executive Officer – Flourish Software

3:00 PM: Identifying and Controlling Risk in Cannabis Business Operations
Larry Harb – 420 Friendly Insurance

4:00 PM: Business Building Through Enhanced User Experience and Branding
Hillary Womboldt, Joint Owner – Awaekn Creative
Brandy VanGessel, Joint Owner – Awaekn Creative

Seminar Room #2 – Technology & Security

10:00 AM: Integrating Technology within Cannabis Operations for Security, Safety, Production and Regulatory Compliance
Thomas Clancy, Head of Security – Green Growth Brands

11:00 AM: Dispensary Security; Establishing Best Practices in Security Management Meeting Compliance Regulations and Beyond
Tim Sutton, Senior Security Consultant – Guidepost Solutions LLC

1:00 PM: Implementing Software to Optimize Cannabis Operations
John Jacobs – BioTrackTHC

2:00 PM: Security Planning for Medical Provisioning Centers; From On-Demand services to 24/7
Kaffa Hayes, Executive Director – Crime Prevention Security

3:00 PM: The Secrets to Comprehensive Cannabis Operations Security
Bill Cousins, CEO – WJ Cousins & Associates LLC

4:00 PM: Cannabis Secured Transport
Grady Emmons, Owner/Director – Precision Risk Management Group

Seminar Room #3 – Facility Design & Processing Techniques

10:00 AM: Go Solar. Improving Your Bottom Line; ROI, Tax Credits, & Facility Considerations
Ray Myers, Solar Consultant – Michigan Solar Solutions

11:00 AM: 5 Factors to Successful Cultivation Facility Design and Construction
Stan Wagner, Vice President of Marketing – Urban-Gro

1:00 PM: Optimizing the Cannabis Growth Environment
Stevan Bratic, Managing Director/Sole Proprietor and Owner – Bratic Enterprises, LLC

3:00 PM: Advanced Manufacturing Methods – Spray Drying For The Cannabis Industry
Clint Buchner, CEO – Envirostar