Michigan Cannabis Social Equity Program Expanded Dramatically

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Cannabis JarsCannabis Dispensary Magazine reports that the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency has made major changes to add to the law’s social equity program:

Effective June 1, MRA will again increase the number of “disproportionately impacted communities” in Michigan, this time from 41 to 184. The previous criterion was that communities would qualify for this status if they have “marijuana-related convictions greater than the state median and [that] have 30% or more of the population living below the federal poverty level,” according to a release from MRA; starting next month, that percentage will change to 20% or more of the population living below the federal poverty level.

MRA is also eliminating the requirement to live in a disproportionately impacted community to be eligible for a “caregiver fee reduction” or “marijuana-related conviction fee reduction,” according to the release. If a licensee operates outside of one of these communities, however, their fee reduction will expire after their first two years in operation.

“In addition, a 40% fee reduction has been added for applicants who have been convicted of a marijuana-related felony,” the release states.

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