Recreational Marijuana FINALLY approved in Detroit

The Reef 8 Mile Rd Dispensary Detroit
The Reef 8 Mile Rd Dispensary Detroit

The Reef 8 Mile Rd – Detroit

Lee DeVito of the Detroit Metro Times writes that (after two+ years) Detroit has finally passed an adult use cannabis ordinance:

“I am thankful that Detroit will finally join the 23 municipalities in Michigan that have allowed adult-use cannabis licensing within its borders,” the ordinance’s sponsor, Council President Pro Tem James Tate, said in a statement. “But the goal has never been to simply have licensing within the city, but to create policy that works to address the inequities that so many Detroiters have experienced trying to pursue an opportunity in this industry.”

…Under the original proposal, long-time city residents, or “legacy” Detroiters, would have been given priority in licensing, with the reason being that communities like Detroit have been harmed the most by the war on drugs. But a Detroit resident who lived in Detroit for the past 11 years filed a lawsuit against the city, arguing that she would likely be denied an opportunity to obtain a license under the ordinance.

The new ordinance avoids this conflict by creating two tracks for licenses so that “equity” and “non-equity” applicants aren’t competing with each other.

Under the new ordinance, a total of 100 retail licenses will be available, half of which will be reserved for social equity applicants.

They note that applications for adult-use licensing could begin as early as April 20th. Read on for more at the Metro Times.

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