Michigan Morel Mushroom

Michigan Morel Season is here!!

May is morel month in Michigan, and if you've never tried your hand at morel hunting, you may be surprised at what a perfectly cannabis-friendly pursuit morel mushroom hunting can be!
Play Ball Detroit Tigers Opening Day

Take Weed out to the Ballgame

, ,
Big milestones for cannabis in professional baseball & basketball!
Pouring Wine by Kevin Kelly

How to pair wine & cannabis

May is Michigan Wine Month and Kyle Kaminski of the Lansing City Pulse has a great feature on dank wine & weed pairings to help you enjoy it!
Snowy Trails by Flow Provisioning

Get out in the trees, Michigan! ?

n the Michigan Cannabis Trail, we are all about getting outside, particularly when cannabis and/or one of our four-legged friends is involved, so we definitely took notice when the Michigan photo blog Michigan in Pictures let us know that with the end of deer season yesterday, today is Back Into the Woods Day in Michigan.
Pure Clones Kush Mints

Send in the Clones: Pure Options now selling marijuana clones

While not every cannabis retailer in Michigan is on the side of legally growing your own, Lansing-based cannabis retailer Pure Options is now selling marijuana clones.
I am a Cannabis Voter by Cannabis in Common

Cannabis in Common seeks to engage marijuana voters

The Associated Press has a feature on the new federal cannabis legalization campaign that was launched this week by large marijuana businesses and celebrities like Seth Rogan and Sarah Silverman.
The Stone Age New York City

NYC cannabis attraction taking people to The Stone Age

Time out has a feature on an immersive cannabis experience that has just opened in New York City.