Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil

Making Sous Vide Marijuana Edibles

"Sous vide" is pronounced "soo veed" is French for "under vacuum". It's a method we have used in the MCT kitchens to prepare some very tasty oil infusions, so if you have some extra bud or trim, why not give it a try?
Detroit Edibles FlowerAde Drink Mix

Flowerade THC Drink Mix released by Detroit Edibles

Detroit Edibles has launched Flowerade, their THC infused powder drink mix, at cannabis retailers across Michigan.
Michigan Cannabis Traveler Survey

Michigan Cannabis Traveler Survey

MiCHIGO is conducting a study of cannabis travel & hospitality in Michigan are hoping to get your feedback!
Chef Enid Parham by prosperusdetroit

Lucky Pistil lifting Michigan cannabis cooking

Chef Enid Parham runs Lucky Pistil, a catering company that specializes in cannabis-infused food and is a popular choice for metro area elite who are looking for a private party where their guests can get a "little lift".


420 Wine & Weed Wednesday ~ April 20th

Join Cookin Diva & Chef Marjorie for a live Weed & Wine Wednesday on April 20, 2022 at 4:20 PM.
Taste Buds Dinner Party ~ March 26

Taste Buds Dinner Party ~ Saturday, March 26 in Detroit

Chef Marjorie invites you to join her on Saturday, March 26th for a four-course, infused dinner with a New Orleans flavor!
Girlz Trip

Girlz Trip ~ Friday, March 18th

Metro Detroit-based Chef Marjorie invites you to join her on Friday, March 18th for Girlz Trip, a women-only night of spiritual awakening through experimentation.
Hoodies & Heels Food Sampling

Hoodies & Heels Food Sampling ~ Saturday, Nov 13th

Divine Epicurean in metro Detroit invites you to join them this Saturday (November 13) from 7-11 PM for their Hoodies & Heels Food Sampling.

Table 420 Dinner Party ~ Saturday, October 23rd

The dinner is a chance to explore the world of fine dining through a higher experience as Chef Marjorie takes you on a culinary journey with a four course plated meal.