Canna Social Equity Fund

Introducing the Canna Social Equity Fund

MITech's Mike Brennan sat down with Connie Maxim-Sparrow to talk about this new effort to help contributors formulate goals related to social equity programs that promote change at the community level.
Michigan Cannabis Event Rules & Regulations

Explore Cannabis Events in Michigan!

The folks at MI 420 Events are hosting an online exploration of cannabis events in Michigan tomorrow (Tuesday, May 4) at 6 PM.
Pew Survey on Marijuana Legalization

Happy 4/20 & Let's Legalize it in 2021!

A perfect story for 4/20 is the Pew study released this week finds 9 in 10 Americans support legalizing marijuana in some form.
Traverse City Cannabis Coalition

Traverse City Cannabis Coalition fighting for recreational marijuana

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TV 9&10 has an excellent feature on the Traverse City Cannabis Coalition, a group of cannabis companies making a push for recreational cannabis sales in Traverse City.
Cannabis Prisoner Michael Thompson & Grandson

Newly released prisoner Michael Thompson on Jazz Cabbage Cafe

Nationally known ex-cannabis prisoner Michael Thompson of Flint will appear on today's Jazz Cabbage Café podcast at 4 PM.
Pincanna Kalkaska

Michigan's small communities getting big boost from legal marijuana

Bridge Michigan has an excellent in-depth feature exploring the impact of recreational marijuana on small communities in Michigan that have embraced legal cannabis.
Cimone Casson Me and Yellow Success

MRA proposes crowdfunding to improve equitable capital access

The Green Market Report says that the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency has announced proposed changes to the state’s cannabis laws and regulations aimed at improving access to capital for people of color seeking to break into the cannabis market.
Cannabis Beverage

Cannabis beverages coming to Michigan

On January 4, the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency issued their first technical bulletin of the new year, titled “Process to Obtain Agency Approval for Production of Marijuana-Infused Beverages”.
Smoking by Chuck Grimmett

A Look at Michigan's Marijuana Consumption Lounges

CannaCon recently took an in-depth look at the Michigan marijuana license for Designated Consumption Establishments (DCE).
Cannabis Regulators Association

States Launch Coordinated Marijuana Cannabis Policy Organization

Marijuana Moment reports that marijuana regulators from 19 states including Michigan have formed an independent organization aimed at coordinating efforts to implement cannabis policy changes.