Pincanna Market

Pincanna Market opening Friday in Kalkaska

Farmington Hills-based Pincanna plans to open its first retail store for medical and adult-use marijuana.

Mid-Michigan Compassion Club supporting veterans & disabled people

WOOD-TV Grand Rapids has a feature on a heartwarming gesture from David Overholt's Mid-Michigan Compassion Club.

Cannabis in the Bedroom

The good people at Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification Center have an interesting article about how marijuana may contribute to women's sexual enjoyment.

Use Cannabis Edibles to Fight the Flu

The Polar Vortex has brought more blistering cold & also flu to Michigan this winter. Some may find relief in cannabis edibles!

Wana Brands Edibles Now Available in Michigan through High Life Farms

Wana Brands edibles are now available in Michigan to medical marijuana cardholders through a partnership with High Life Farms.

Apply for Michigan Medical Marijuana Card Online

mLive reports that you can now apply online or renew medical marijuana cards in Michigan through a state website which should greatly speed the process: “If an applicant’s physician certifies the medical use of marijuana online, the patient…


Michigan Cannabis Development Business Conference July 29 2019

Michigan Patient and Caregiver Conference and Expo

Get to know the new players in Michigan's medical, legal and hemp industries at the Michigan Patient and Caregiver Conference and Expo on Sunday, July 28th in Lansing. The Conference & Expo comes at a crucial crossroads for our state's…