Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil

Making Sous Vide Marijuana Edibles

"Sous vide" is pronounced "soo veed" is French for "under vacuum". It's a method we have used in the MCT kitchens to prepare some very tasty oil infusions, so if you have some extra bud or trim, why not give it a try?
The Reef Detroit Cannabis Dispensary

Recreational wave challenges The Reef in Detroit

Annalise Frank of Crain's Detroit Business has a great feature exploring the challenges The Reef medical dispensary is facing as medical marijuana sales decline.
Map of Michigan Marijuana Dispensaries

Huge license numbers squeezing Michigan cannabis retailers

GrownIn Magazine shares that with more retail marijuana provisioning center licenses than any other state east of the Mississippi, Michigan cannabis retailers are feeling the crunch.
Protect caregiver rights by michiganorganicrub_

Hundreds rally for Michigan caregivers at the Capitol

The Livingston Daily reports on Wednesday's rally against the proposed Michigan Cannabis Safety Act which would require caregivers to be licensed as specialty growers or cut their number of patients from five to one.
Doctors & Cannabis

Study finds physicians have limited knowledge of medical cannabis

Physicians report possessing limited knowledge about cannabis, particularly with respect to advising patients on medical marijuana treatment plans, according to data published in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research.
Medical Marijuana Research - Cannabis Molecule

Senate Infrastructure Bill would allow study of dispensary cannabis

The Senate infrastructure bill has been released & includes provisions that allow researchers to study the actual marijuana from state-legal dispensaries instead of having to use only government-grown cannabis.


Michigan Caregivers Association Fundraiser

Michigan Caregivers Association Fundraiser - Wed, October 27th

The Michigan Caregivers Association invites you to join them in Southfield on Wednesday, October 27 from 7-10 PM for the Michigan Caregiver Fundraiser.
2021 Clio Cultivators Cup August

Clio Cultivators Cup ~ August 27 & 28

The annual Clio Cultivators Cup takes place Friday August 27th & Saturday, August 28th at Clio Cultivation.
Michigan Caregivers Rally at the Capitol September 15

Michigan Caregivers Rally at the Capitol ~ September 15, 2021

The rally will feature leaders from the state's patient advocacy organizations, elected officials and cannabis patients will speak to hundreds or thousands of cannabis consumers in Michigan from the steps of the Capitol Building.