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Michigan MRA looking to increase diversity in marijuana industry

Michigan Radio reports that the Michigan MRA is considering changes to increase diversity in our marijuana business landscape.
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States Launch Coordinated Marijuana Cannabis Policy Organization

Marijuana Moment reports that marijuana regulators from 19 states including Michigan have formed an independent organization aimed at coordinating efforts to implement cannabis policy changes.
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Michigan Social Equity Marijuana Program Details

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency's new "social equity" program will reduce fees for applicants with proposed marijuana establishments in minority, poor communities such as Detroit and Flint and college towns including East Lansing and Mount Pleasant.
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A few things to know about Michigan's Marijuana Laws

Amy Biolchini of mLive is delivering some of the best writing on Michigan cannabis, and that definitely includes her article on 11 things to know about Michigan's new recreational marijuana rules

Cannabis Legal Group interviews Michigan's Chief Marijuana Regulator

The emergency rules for adult-use establishments in Michigan were released on July 3rd by the Marihuana Regulatory Agency (MRA). Cannabis Legal Group attorneys have a special LIVE interview with MRA Executive Director Andrew Brisbo discussing the new rules and the exciting opportunities for Michigan’s cannabis industry.


Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency Director Andrew Brisbo

Get to know Andrew Brisbo of the Marijuana Regulatory Agency

This Friday at 11 AM, the Weekly CannaBIZ and Company Buzz Session hosted by CannaBIZ Connection Founder Jamie Cooper will be talking to Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency Executive Director Andrew Brisbo.
Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency Director Andrew Brisbo

Michigan Recreational Marijuana License Update

On Wednesday, December 18th, Andrew Brisbo will be at the Benzinga Headquarters to share n update on the approval process and his projections on the imminent cannabis sales. Brisbo is the head of the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency that is responsible for the adult-use marijuana and created a state licensing system.
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Michigan Patient and Caregiver Conference and Expo

Get to know the new players in Michigan's medical, legal and hemp industries at the Michigan Patient and Caregiver Conference and Expo on Sunday, July 28th in Lansing. The Conference & Expo comes at a crucial crossroads for our state's…