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Cannabis breathalyzer on the horizon?

The American Association for the Advancement of Science that researchers are developing the equivalent of a breathalyzer for detecting marijuana in a person's system.
Doctors & Cannabis

Study finds physicians have limited knowledge of medical cannabis

Physicians report possessing limited knowledge about cannabis, particularly with respect to advising patients on medical marijuana treatment plans, according to data published in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research.
Michigan Cannabis Study

Michigan funds $20 million of veteran medical marijuana studies

The Detroit Metro Times reports that the the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency has awarded $20 million in grants for two research projects that will study the effects of medical marijuana on military veterans with mental health disorders.
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Senate Infrastructure Bill would allow study of dispensary cannabis

The Senate infrastructure bill has been released & includes provisions that allow researchers to study the actual marijuana from state-legal dispensaries instead of having to use only government-grown cannabis.
NFL Cannabis & Concussions

NFL pledges $1 million for marijuana pain management research

Ganjapreneur shares more evidence that cannabis health is becoming mainstream, news that the National Football League has pledged $1 million for medical marijuana research.
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Teen cannabis use not rising as a result of marijuana legalization

Although prohibitionists have long claimed that marijuana legalization would precipitate a rise in cannabis use among young people, a new federal report shows otherwise.
Jars Roundtable with Calvin Johnson & Rob Sims

JARS Cannabis Roundtable with Rob Sims & Calvin Johnson Jr

A livestream Roundtable discussion today (May 27 # 3 PM) with former Detroit Lions presenting Primitiv, their new cannabis brand.
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$20 Million of Tax Revenue Allocated to Michigan Cannabis Research

The Marijuana Business Daily reports that Michigan is allocating $20 million of its recreational marijuana tax revenue this year toward cannabis-related medical research.
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MSU researcher working on cannabis based COVID drug

The Lansing State Journal reports that a MSU researcher is working on a method to use parts of the marijuana plant in treating one of COVID-19’s deadly symptoms.