Gourmet Cannabis is on the table at Michigan Cannabis Chefs

Cannabis Chefs Nigel Douglas and Lynette Roberts
Cannabis Chefs Nigel Douglas and Lynette Roberts

Cannabis Chefs Nigel Douglas and Lynette Roberts

mLive has a great feature on the Muskegon-based Michigan Cannabis Chefs & their gourmet cannabis-infused meals:

Michigan Cannabis Chefs — run by Nigel Douglas and Lynette and Cory Roberts — are bringing farm-to-table fine dining to homes across the state.

The business started almost two years ago, shortly after Michigan voters approved adult-use marijuana at the ballot box in November 2018. The team initially catered to groups of 100 or more, but with recent social use licensing changes and COVID-19 restrictions, the business has pivoted to parties at private residences.

…Like wine paired with a meal, the chefs say the cannabis flavor enhances both the experience and the flavor.

“It just breaks down everybody’s inhibitions,” Cory Roberts said. “Food already brings people together. This is just a new trend.”

The menu is never the same, Douglas said. The chefs collaborate and brainstorm with input from their clients. The price is based on the market value of the meal itself. The cannabis infusion is considered a gift under Michigan law.

The Roberts have a 15-acre farm in Fremont where they grow produce like potatoes, corn, onions, zucchini and tomatoes among others. Both the Roberts and Douglas grow their own cannabis and experiment with strains to create fruity, cheesy or even garlic flavors within the flower.

The chefs have the freedom to play around with using every bit of the plant from using the stems in a meat smoker to sauteing the leaves as a side dish. With their own supply of cannabis, the chefs make an extraction of THC, often combined with CBD, that they infuse into oils, butter and sauces.

…The team said they are willing to travel anywhere in the state or neighboring cities like Chicago if the cost and time of travel doesn’t outweigh the production. To book a private party with Michigan Cannabis Chefs, customers can reach out to their Facebook page or their website at micannabischefs.com.

Lots more including some great photos from a recent dinner at mLive.

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