Cannabis beverages coming to Michigan

The Social Revolution shared some great news regarding marijuana infused beverages in Michigan:

On January 4, the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency issued their first technical bulletin of the new year, titled “Process to Obtain Agency Approval for Production of Marijuana-Infused Beverages”. The regulations it contains includes guidance “for the submission and approval of a marijuana-infused beverage,” as well as “expectations for ongoing research and product development”.

“All marijuana-infused beverages must be shelf-stable and should be produced in such a way as to ensure a product is safe for ingestion and consistent in production,” the Bulletin reads in part. Shelf-stable means “foods that can be safely stored at room temperature,” per the USDA, so refrigerated beverages are not authorized by this Technical Bulletin.

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed for consumption or sale at Marijuana Regulatory Agency licensed facilities, so cannabis infused beer, wine and spirits are also not authorized by this Bulletin.

More at The Social Revolution including a video with MRA Director Andrew Brisbo where he discusses the beverage regulations along with a whole lot more.

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Process to Obtain Agency Approval for Production of Marijuana-Infused Beverages

Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency Bulletin, Jan 4 2021 – view original