DankGirls creating community around cannabis

Dank Girls

Dank GirlsOne of the coolest things about cannabis is the communities & friendships created around it. The DankGirls are all about women empowerment, uplifting each other through yearly retreats, events & monthly outings for members to get together and create new friendships through good weed, conversation & always good vibes.

Chelsea Green is the founder & CEO of Dank Girls & shares, “It started out as a Facebook group just for fun really back in 2018. We started rapidly, growing to over 15,000 members in a couple of weeks. I started reaching out to cannabis companies reviewing products which led me to hosting retreats & events. Now we have people from all over the world & we smoke live together on Facebook!”

Smoking together on Facebook has grown to include a full slate of in-person member events including a BBQ, couples retreat, Northern Michigan retreat, and their annual June retreat feature infused meals, games, prizes, gift bags. All of them sold out in 2021, and while the 2022 Dank Girls Take Cali trip has already sold out, they have a few slots for their annual Little Wolf Retreat.

“Sometimes you want to have a weekend full of nothing but fun, good vibes, laughs and of course, good weed and Dank Girls is here for you,” Chelsea explains.

You can follow DankGirls on Facebook, join their Facebook group, and get all their details on events & merchandise at dankgirls.org.